Best Spa Package for Mom

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Description: The Spa Luxetique Spa Gift Set is a collection of nourishing formulas and pampering scents, inspired by fusing traditional therapies and European aromatherapy, to provide an opportunity to create memorable moments full of peace and comfort. Meanwhile, encouraging the art of gifting, each product of Spa Luxetique is designed with the concept of gift-giving in mind, whether it is for loved ones or oneself.
A soak in the bath can boost mood, soothe the skin, and relieve common health conditions. Crucially, taking a bath gives us an increasingly rare opportunity to take a break from our busy lives. Crumble our bubble bath under a running tap, then lie back and relax under a blanket of bubbles.
Tackle exhaustion with the help of our rose bath bombs, which has a soothing rose fragrance and have been formulated to enlighten moods. Also, the bath salt inside is ideal for exfoliation and soothing tired and aching muscles. After you’ve rinsed off and patted yourself dry. Your skin will be softer, brighter and glossier.
A blend of Rose essential oil, Shea butter& sunflower seed oil is ideal to heal dry skin and provide lasting moisturizing effects. Also, rub some lotion and butter after bathing, as the Vitamin E contained will be more readily absorbed into the skin.
Overall, the Spa Luxetique Spa Gift Set is a fantastic gift for that special someone.
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