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Holiday Econo Gifts Basket

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Disclaimer: Actual brand or variant per item included in the basket may vary based on the list of options below. Our concierge will use whatever brand has stock in our stores.

Basket Contents:

1 Canned Sliced Peaches 822G (Ligo Canned Sliced Peaches or Healthy You Peach Halves in Lite Syrup)
1 Graham Crackers 200G (M.Y. San Graham Crackers Honey or M.Y. San Graham Crackers Plain)
1 Crushed Graham 200G (M.Y. San Crushed Graham or M.Y. San Graham Crackers Honey)
1 All Purpose Cream 370mL (Angel Kremdensada APC or Alaska Crema-Asada)
1 Nata de Coco 340G (Buenas Red Nata de Coco or Supersavers Red Nata de Coco)
1 Kaong 340G (Buenas Kaong White Bottled or Supersavers Kaong White)

Please Note: Item subject to availability. The basket and exact brands of products are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the availability on Market & the location of delivery. 

Substitution Policy: To arrange and deliver your order at the day requested, the arrangement you ordered may require substitutions. Any substitutions made are equal or more in value and will be as similar to the requested item/arrangement as possible. Item/Arrangement(s) may be substituted without prior notice, if necessary.

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